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Welcome to the new online depository for missing items and people. Lostify’s global platform makes it easy to find what – or whoever –you’ve lost.

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What's Lostify?

From valuables like wallets and keys to long-lost family members and dear old friends – life can sure feel empty until you’re reunited with what you miss. With Lostify, your overdue reunion may be just around the corner.

Lost Something?

Post details of your missing items, valuables or persons and search through the results.

Found Something?

Share descriptions and images of what you’ve found and reunite them with their grateful owner or help reconnect people who miss one another.

Lost & Found

Lostify is revolutionizing the landscape of Lost-and-Found thanks to its unique data-driven discovery.

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Image Search

With our proprietary image indexing AI, it’s easier than ever to search items and people you’ve lost.

Custom Search

Users can run fully customizable image and text searches to rediscover the items and people they simply cannot live without.

100% FREE!

Plus, it’s 100% free! You’ve already lost enough – no need to misplace your hard-earned money.

We have a vision to reunite the world!

And so, we created Lostify to help you find that elusive reunion.

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